What an amazing and life changing experience. My daughter and I attended the 2 day foundation clinic and could see immediate improvement in the connection we had with our horses. A completely new way of moving, handling and riding our horses and we can’t wait for Bianca to come back.
— Karla Monti
Just finished one of Bianca’s 2 day clinics and have learnt so much. I am now a lot more confident managing my horse. We were treated with the respect of having prior experience with horses yet taught very different ways of handling them. Was a very valuable weekend.
— Corrie Minns
Just finished another lesson with Bianca and have improved so much. The partnership I am building with Molly just brought me to tears. Absolutely amazing, thank you, thank you, thank you!
— Zoe Mullens
After a month of feeling lost and disheartened I got to fall in love with my horse all over again yesterday. Thank you so much Bianca for seeing the gaps in our training, showing me a way forward and reminding me what he is capable of. Onwards and upwards!
— Lauren Minns
Just wanted to drop you a line to say again what wonderful things you have helped me achieve. My horse is just so much fun now. I never imagined i’d ever be able to do the things I can now do on him. I am so excited to show you. My heart sings when I think of how much you have changed things for me and my horse.
— Malinda Watson